Episode #40: Honesty is the Best Policy with T1D

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify You have to be honest with yourself about the emotional challenges of living with T1D. Let’s be honest. Living with T1D is not easy. As much as you don’t want to admit it, life with T1D can be downright challenging sometimes. However, when you try to sweep the challenges […]

Episode #39: All About Diabetes Coaching

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Did you have a coach in high school who inspired you and encouraged you to do your best? Someone who held you accountable, pushed you out of your comfort zone, and gave you the tools you needed to succeed? When we talk about high school sports, having a coach […]

Episode #38: Commemorate Your Diaversary

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Every year on June 1, I go to the same restaurant I went to the day I was diagnosed to eat pizza and commemorate my diaversary. My diaversary is an opportunity to reflect on my experience living with T1D and look for ways I can improve. My diaversary tradition […]

Episode #37: T1D + Mental Health Q&A

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify My listeners send me so many questions about T1D and mental health, and I want to make sure I answer as many of them as possible. So, I decided to do a whole podcast episode answering listener questions. Consider this your T1D & mental health audio advice column! I […]

Episode #36: How T1D Can Spark Your Passion

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify There are a lot of negatives that come with T1D. I’m not going to list them here because I’m sure you are all too aware of them in your life. But T1D can have silver linings if you are open to them and look for them. It’s so easy […]

Episode #35: Setting Boundaries with Others

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify When is the last time someone crossed a boundary with you around T1D?           ✔ They told you what you should or should not be eating.           ✔ They demanded to know your blood sugar.          ✔ They […]

Episode #34: Healthy Boundaries with T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Boundaries are a critical part of any healthy relationship, including your relationship with T1D. A boundary is a dividing line. When you set a boundary, you decide what you will let in and what you are going to keep out. So what do boundaries have to do with […]

Episode #33: When I Go Low ⬇️⬇️

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Describe what low blood sugar feels like. Describe it in detail. Describe it in a way that someone who has next had a low will understand. It’s not easy, is it? Words are powerful. And when you find words to describe what you are experiencing with T1D, it […]

Episode #32: Lead with Action!

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify My motto for 2021 is Lead with Action. How often have you told yourself that you’ll do ‘X’ as soon as you feel ‘Y’? I’ll ask that person out as soon as I’m more confident. I’ll apply for that job as soon as I’m feeling less anxious. I’ll start […]

Episode #31: Your Relationship with T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Whether you like it or not, you have a relationship with diabetes. This relationship started the day you were diagnosed and will continue for as long as you live with diabetes. If you are going to change your relationship with diabetes, you have to start by looking at […]