Episode #34: Healthy Boundaries with T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Boundaries are a critical part of any healthy relationship, including your relationship with T1D. A boundary is a dividing line. When you set a boundary, you decide what you will let in and what you are going to keep out. So what do boundaries have to do with […]

Episode #33: When I Go Low ⬇️⬇️

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Describe what low blood sugar feels like. Describe it in detail. Describe it in a way that someone who has next had a low will understand. It’s not easy, is it? Words are powerful. And when you find words to describe what you are experiencing with T1D, it […]

Episode #32: Lead with Action!

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify My motto for 2021 is Lead with Action. How often have you told yourself that you’ll do ‘X’ as soon as you feel ‘Y’? I’ll ask that person out as soon as I’m more confident. I’ll apply for that job as soon as I’m feeling less anxious. I’ll start […]

Episode #31: Your Relationship with T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Whether you like it or not, you have a relationship with diabetes. This relationship started the day you were diagnosed and will continue for as long as you live with diabetes. If you are going to change your relationship with diabetes, you have to start by looking at […]

Episode #30: Five Myths about T1D Burnout

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Diabetes burnout. It’s a term we throw around all the time. But what does diabetes burnout really mean? And maybe even more importantly, what does diabetes NOT mean. There are many myths about burnout and T1D, and these myths are not doing us any favors. Let’s dispel the […]

Episode #29: Take Advantage of Stress with T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify We all know that T1D can cause stress. All the work, the erratic blood sugars, the inconsiderate comments from people in your life are less than fun. You can use this stress to your advantage! Stress is the tension between how you want things to be and how they […]

Episode #28: 4 Reasons Why T1D Keeps you Stuck

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify As a diabetes psychologist, I have worked with 100’s of people struggling with type 1 diabetes. While each person has unique challenges with T1D, there is one common theme across almost everyone I’ve worked with. People with T1D feel stuck. T1D gets in the way and makes it […]

Episode #27: Let’s Think Beyond Therapy

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify We know mental health support should be an integral part of treatment for T1D. But what does this really mean? If we only think about mental health support and treatment as sitting in a therapist’s office once a week, we are doing everyone with T1D a great disservice. We have […]

Episode #26: All about Psych Meds and T1D

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode… Have you ever thought that taking a medication for depression anxiety might help you, but then you thought again because you were worried about how these drugs might impact your blood sugars? Or maybe you don’t like the thought of taking another medication, even if it […]

Episode #25: Introducing Your Love Interest to T1D

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode… Telling someone you just started dating that you have T1D can be scary! When do you tell someone you’re dating that you have T1D? Great question! People tend to overthink everything in new relationships. When to introduce your new partner to T1D can definitely be […]