Episode #20: Finding Accountability with T1D

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode… Do you ever find yourself sneaking around on diabetes when no one is watching? You know what I mean. You eat an extra cookie and ‘forget’ to take insulin. Or you put off changing your infusion set even though you know it’s time. You may even […]

Episode #19: A Vaccine for the Stress of T1D

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode… After a year of lockdowns, we are all ready to put COVID-19 behind us. And with the vaccine being rolled-out, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. A COVID vaccine means a return to normal life is in our future. We will […]

Episode #18: Getting Your Family Onboard

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify What do you do when your family doesn’t understand the challenges of living with T1D? We’ve all been there. You’re cranky and irritable because your blood sugar is out-of-range. Your loved ones are annoyed with you because of the way you are treating them. When you try to explain […]

Episode #17: How to Avoid My Biggest Mistake

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode I talk about the biggest mistake I make as a psychologist working with people with T1D so you don’t make the same mistake. I don’t know about you, but I like to try to fix problems. I have learned that sometimes T1D brings on challenges that […]

Episode #16: Getting the Support you Need

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Type 1 diabetes should never be a do-it-yourself condition. People with T1D need support from the people in our lives. But getting the support you need, isn’t always easy. Your friends and family probably want to be supportive, but they may not know how. On this episode, Dr. Mark […]

Episode #15: Is T1D a Disability?

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode, I talk to Lauren Salko about whether T1D should be considered a disability. Lauren has lived with T1D since she was young, and she competes as a professional skier on the US National Ski Team. Traveling internationally with her diabetes alert dog has given her […]

Episode #14: Overcoming Fear of Low Blood Sugar

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Having a low blood sugar is no fun for anyone. But for some people with T1D, the thought of going low is terrifying. Fear of hypoglycemia is a condition where people with T1D keep their blood sugar high and avoid activities in order to avoid the possibility of going […]

Episode #13: The Downsides of T1D Technology

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode, we talk to Mary Anderson about how using diabetes technology has impacted her mental health. Diagnosed with T1D in December of 2018 and dove into the world of diabetes tech right away and started using a CGM and a pump. After a while, her CGM […]

Episode #12: Finding Gratitude with T1D

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher When we think about T1D, our thoughts usually go to the negative. But, have you ever considered what type 1 diabetes (T1D) has brought to your life that you are grateful for? Research shows that gratitude increases happiness and reduces stress and depression – which can help […]

Take the Power From Your T1D-Related Emotions

Did you know there is a simple way to take the power away from your challenging diabetes-related emotions? You know, those feelings that make you wish diabetes would just give you a break and go away for a while. Are you ready for the secret? Name your diabetes emotions. Yes, that’s it. All you have […]