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How an Insulin Pump Break Can Save Your Sanity

It’s 2:13a and Sabrina wakes up for the third time tonight to an occlusion alarm on her insulin pump. Exhausted and thinking about her big meeting with her boss tomorrow morning, Sabrina massages her site, gives a correction, and goes back to sleep, praying she’ll be able to sleep uninterrupted until morning. Sabrina feels she’s […]

Lessons People with T1D Can Learn from Golf

Both golf and type 1 diabetes can be frustrating and unpredictable. The similarities don’t stop there. There is a lot you can learn from playing golf that can help you deal with the emotional burden of diabetes. Let me start by saying I am not a good golfer. I like to get out on the […]

The Key to Accepting T1D

‘I hate diabetes so much. I just want to be able to accept the fact that I have T1D’ These were the first words out of Emily’s mouth when she walked into my office. She agonized over how she’s having such a hard time being ok with having T1D. Everyone she sees on social media […]

Insulin Pumps and Your Mental Health

The decision to use an insulin pump is a big deal. Insulin pumps are amazing technology and can make diabetes easier. But switching to a pump also means changing the way you think about and manage diabetes. This mental shift can be stressful and can come with some unique concerns. The more you’re aware of […]

The Link Between T1D & Mental Health

Type 1 diabetes is much more than a physical condition. Living with T1D often involves dealing with some psychological challenges as well. Most people with T1D are aware of these challenges, but often they are surprised to hear these challenges are actually (and unfortunately) quite common. It is helpful to think about T1D and mental […]

Stop the Spread of T1D Anxiety!

Have you ever noticed when you’re talking to other people with T1D, anxiety can be contagious? One person starts talking about how stressed they are about diabetes, and their anxiety spreads from person to person, and pretty soon everyone is feeling it. This happens on social media, with your well-meaning friends and family, and when […]

Finding Hope with Diabetes Burnout

When Jake first came to see me, he was feeling desperate. Five years after his diagnosis, he said he was over T1D. The never-ending work was too much, and he just stopped caring. Jake felt stuck in his burnout. Then one day, Jake had an ah-ha moment. He realized diabetes burnout was not his biggest […]

5 Ways You Can Manage Diabetes Mindfully

All of us with T1D have been there. You hear your CGM alarm go off…again. Annoyed, you look at your phone and see your blood sugar at 253mg/dl with one arrow up. Your mind races. You think about how much you hate diabetes. You beat yourself up for having pizza for lunch. You worry that […]

Diabetes Education is Essential for Mental Health

Good diabetes education can have an enormous impact on your psychological well-being. If you struggle with anxiety because of T1D, connecting with a knowledgeable, compassionate diabetes educator is a great first step to get you to a better place – with your blood sugars and your mental health. Diabetes education reduces anxiety Anxiety is fear […]

The Support People with T1D Actually Need

The numbers are astounding. Research shows over 40% of people with T1D meet the clinical cutoff for diabetes distress. Even more have diabetes burnout and negative emotions associated with T1D. Mental health support should be a part of the treatment for EVERYBODY with T1D. But the bigger question is, what kind of mental health treatment […]