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Episode #72: I Wrote a Book!

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify I have some exciting news! My book, Diabetes Sucks and You Can Handle It is coming soon! Last year, I came to a realization. T1D gets a lot more challenging when you start believing you can’t handle this stress. When you accept that T1D sucks AND believe you […]

Episode #71: T1D Can Be a Fashion Statement

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Most diabetes supplies are ugly—some border on embarrassing. When I was first diagnosed with T1D, my meter was the size of a small laptop, and I remember feeling so self-conscious pulling it out to check my blood sugar. But I was just resigned to the fact that this is […]

Episode #70: Do You Need a T1D Psychologist?

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify When I tell people I am a psychologist who specializes in diabetes (and who also happens to live with T1D), they often are surprised that there is such a specialty. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “Is there really a need for that?” or “How […]

Episode #68: Setting T1D Goals for 2022

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify It’s time to look ahead and set some big goals for your life with T1D in the new year. Why is it helpful to set diabetes goals? Where do you even start? In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, I dive into how you can set T1D goals […]

Episode #67: My Biggest Learnings in 2021

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify I’ve been living with T1D for over 20 years, and my work has focused on people with T1D for the past 10 years. But I am always learning new things about diabetes and mental health. 2021 has taught me a whole new set of lesson and I want […]

Episode #66: Food and the Holidays

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify The holiday season can feel like a landmine for people with T1D. You want to enjoy all your favorite foods, but you also want to keep your blood sugar in range. Doing both at the same time feels like an impossible task. That’s when things start to get […]

Episode #65: T1D and Golf

Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Both golf and type 1 diabetes can be frustrating and unpredictable. The similarities don’t stop there. There is a lot you can learn from playing golf that can help you deal with the emotional burden of diabetes. In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist, I talk about what T1D […]

Episode #64: Break the Habit of Diabetes Burnout

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify All of us with T1D experience burnout at times. Diabetes burnout is a normal part of living with T1D. But sometimes, you may start to expect to feel burned out. And this expectation can be what actually makes you feel burned out. You get so used to diabetes […]

Episode #63: Insulin Pumps and Your Mental Health

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Everybody has an opinion about the best way for you to manage T1D. Your doctor may think a pump is the only way to go. Your friends with T1D might swear by using multiple daily injections (MDI). Your insurance company wants to know what is going to be […]

Episode #62: How to Exercise with Confidence

 Tune In: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Nothing makes people with T1D more anxious than the thought of having a low blood sugar during exercise. Exercise with T1D can feel like a big black hole. You never know what to expect. Anxiety about exercise makes some people stop before they even get started, and other […]