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Take the Power From Your T1D-Related Emotions

Did you know there is a simple way to take the power away from your challenging diabetes-related emotions? You know, those feelings that make you wish diabetes would just give you a break and go away for a while. Are you ready for the secret? Name your diabetes emotions. Yes, that’s it. All you have […]

Why You Should Commemorate Your Diaversary

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on June 1, 1999. Every year on June 1, I go to the same restaurant I went to the day I was diagnosed to eat pizza and commemorate my diaversary. This tradition on my diaversary helps me stay on track with my mental health. Your diaversary is an […]

How to Stay Emotionally Healthy Using a CGM

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) are life-changing. This technology has revolutionized the way we live with T1D and has made life with diabetes easier in many ways. But CGMs are only helpful if they work for you and your mental health. There are so many good things about CGMs — however, there are also some challenges. […]

3 Ways to Keep it Simple with T1D & Mental Health

Sometimes we like to make things too complicated. Now, I know the emotional side of living with T1D isn’t always easy. When you’re having a hard time with T1D, your first instinct may be that your challenging situation needs a complex solution. But when you can’t figure out what to do, you end up feeling […]

The Paradox of Control

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see the words ‘control’ and ‘diabetes’ in the same sentence. It bugs me even more when I hear people talk about ‘controlling’ the emotional burden of T1D. Expecting you can control your emotions just sets you up for failure. People with T1D like control. We don’t […]

Setting Healthy Boundaries with T1D

Repeat after me. You are not your diabetes! I think we can all agree this is true in theory. There is so much more to you than your diabetes. T1D is something you live with, but it does not have to define who you are. However, for this statement to be your reality, you need […]

7 Skills You Need to Reduce Your Stress with T1D

Mental health is just as important as physical health for people with T1D. You need knowledge and skills to manage your blood sugars, and you also need skills to take care of your mental health. If you work on these skills, you will see a difference in your stress and mental health with T1D! Here […]

How an Insulin Pump Break Can Save Your Sanity

It’s 2:13a and Sabrina wakes up for the third time tonight to an occlusion alarm on her insulin pump. Exhausted and thinking about her big meeting with her boss tomorrow morning, Sabrina massages her site, gives a correction, and goes back to sleep, praying she’ll be able to sleep uninterrupted until morning. Sabrina feels she’s […]

The Key to Accepting T1D

‘I hate diabetes so much. I just want to be able to accept the fact that I have T1D’ These were the first words out of Emily’s mouth when she walked into my office. She agonized over how she’s having such a hard time being ok with having T1D. Everyone she sees on social media […]

5 Ways You Can Manage Diabetes Mindfully

All of us with T1D have been there. You hear your CGM alarm go off…again. Annoyed, you look at your phone and see your blood sugar at 253mg/dl with one arrow up. Your mind races. You think about how much you hate diabetes. You beat yourself up for having pizza for lunch. You worry that […]