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T1D: Unwelcome Intruder or Annoying Roommate?

Do you ever look at someone else with T1D and wonder how they are handling the stress so well, while you are struggling? You feel stuck with diabetes, and they seem like they aren’t letting diabetes hold them back. You both have to do the same things to manage T1D. You both deal with high […]

The Benefits of a Relationship with Your T1D

­­Relationship: The way two or more entities behave toward one another. Whether you know it or not, you have a relationship with diabetes. This relationship started the day you were diagnosed and will continue for as long as you are living with diabetes. What does it mean to have a relationship with diabetes? Having a […]

Lessons People with T1D Can Learn from Golf

Both golf and type 1 diabetes can be frustrating and unpredictable. The similarities don’t stop there. There is a lot you can learn from playing golf that can help you deal with the emotional burden of diabetes. Let me start by saying I am not a good golfer. I like to get out on the […]

The Link Between T1D & Mental Health

Type 1 diabetes is much more than a physical condition. Living with T1D often involves dealing with some psychological challenges as well. Most people with T1D are aware of these challenges, but often they are surprised to hear these challenges are actually (and unfortunately) quite common. It is helpful to think about T1D and mental […]

Stop the Spread of T1D Anxiety!

Have you ever noticed when you’re talking to other people with T1D, anxiety can be contagious? One person starts talking about how stressed they are about diabetes, and their anxiety spreads from person to person, and pretty soon everyone is feeling it. This happens on social media, with your well-meaning friends and family, and when […]

Finding Hope with Diabetes Burnout

When Jake first came to see me, he was feeling desperate. Five years after his diagnosis, he said he was over T1D. The never-ending work was too much, and he just stopped caring. Jake felt stuck in his burnout. Then one day, Jake had an ah-ha moment. He realized diabetes burnout was not his biggest […]