Episode #21: Make T1D Your Superpower

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Have you ever tried to hide T1D from other people? You know what I mean. Strategically placing your pump in CGM in places that aren’t visible. Going to the bathroom every time you have to take insulin. Avoiding talking about diabetes with anyone except for your family and closest friends.

If you’ve tried to hide T1D from the world, how did it go? My guess is not well. Hiding T1D from other people is usually a pretty good sign that you have not come to a place of acceptance with diabetes. You keep T1D at a distance, hoping it won’t make itself too comfortable. But hiding T1D is a lot of work. It requires a lot of effort and takes up tons of headspace. You soon find that avoiding T1D does the exact opposite of what you want it to do.


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In this episode, I talk to Basma Adams about her journey to acceptance with T1D. When she was younger, Basma did everything she could to hide her diabetes from other people. As we could have predicted, this strategy completely backfired. Once she accepted diabetes, life got a whole lot easier for her. Eventually Basma came to realize T1D made her stronger. Instead of seeing it as her nemesis, Basma started seeing T1D as her superpower.

Here’s a quick summary of the three steps Basma took on her journey to accepting T1D. For the full story, be sure to listen to the podcast!

Recognize you are more than T1D

When you think about what you want your life to be about, my guess is T1D is not the first thing that comes to mind. Nobody wants to be defined by having T1D. You want to be known for what you have to offer the world, not by something that makes you feel different. Start thinking about yourself differently and remind yourself that you are so much more than your diabetes. This doesn’t mean ignoring diabetes, but it does mean not letting it to define you.

Take action

Try new things with T1D and see what happens. When you come out of your shell and do things that show you accept T1D (even if you aren’t quite there yet), you have an opportunity to gather information. You can see how people treat you when they find out you have T1D. Chances are, you’ll be surprised.

Empower Yourself

This is taking acceptance to the next level. Look for the positives T1D has brought to your life. Search for ways you can serve others through your experience with T1D. No doubt, T1D will bring challenges, but if you can find the good, you have arrived at a place of acceptance.

And who knows. You might just figure out how to make T1D your superpower.