Episode #28: 4 Reasons Why T1D Keeps you Stuck

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As a diabetes psychologist, I have worked with 100’s of people struggling with type 1 diabetes. While each person has unique challenges with T1D, there is one common theme across almost everyone I’ve worked with.

People with T1D feel stuck.

T1D gets in the way and makes it difficult for them to do things in their lives that are important to them. They feel like T1D holds them back, which only makes life with T1D even more stressful.

The list of things that people have stopped doing or never even started doing because they have T1D is endless. Skiing, riding bikes, surfing, dating, eating out, and traveling are some of the things people have told me about recently, and these examples are only the tip of the iceberg.


The Ultimate Guide To Getting Unstuck With Type 1 Diabetes gives you strategies you can start using TODAY to insert flexibility into your life with T1D.


In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist podcast, I talk about what it means to feel stuck because of T1D and why feeling stuck is such a big challenge. Then I describe four reasons why T1D is keeping you stuck. Here’s a preview:

You have the wrong mindset

Your mindset is the way you think about T1D and your mindset matters. If you think about T1D as a problem you can solve, you are going to feel stuck. You’ll spend all your time and energy trying to get to a place that’s not possible for you.

You have a hard time feeling uncomfortable

When you feel uncomfortable, your first instinct is to do whatever you can to avoid this discomfort. However, taking action and getting unstuck is not always going to be comfortable. If you have a hard time feeling uncomfortable, you are going to be stuck.

You have an unhealthy relationship with T1D

Your relationship is how you interact with T1D. Do you let diabetes drive while you are in the back seat, along for the ride? Or do you take the wheel and do what you want, even when diabetes is acting up? Feeling like you are at T1D’s mercy is not healthy, and this type of relationship can make you feel stuck.

You are not clear on your why

Taking action with T1D is not always easy. To set yourself up for success, you have to be clear why getting unstuck and doing things you’ve been avoiding is so important to you. When you are not clear on why you want to get unstuck, it’s easy to just throw in the towel when things get tough. Then you end up right back where you started, and this means you stay stuck.