Episode #30: Five Myths about T1D Burnout

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Diabetes burnout. It’s a term we throw around all the time.

But what does diabetes burnout really mean? And maybe even more importantly, what does diabetes NOT mean. There are many myths about burnout and T1D, and these myths are not doing us any favors.

Let’s dispel the myths and talk about burnout in real terms.

To start this conversation, we need to define burnout. Diabetes burnout is a state in which someone with diabetes grows tired of managing their condition and then simply ignores it for a while, or worse, forever.


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On this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist podcast, I talk about five of the most common myths about diabetes burnout. I give you some background about where these myths come from and show you evidence that these myths are not valid. I’ll also give you some tips and resources to help you navigate T1D burnout.

Here’s a preview of the five myths I take on in this episode:

Burnout means you are doing something wrong

Diabetes can be stressful, and burnout is a normal reaction to stress. The fact you feel burnt out sometimes is normal and expected. You are doing nothing wrong.

Burnout is all or nothing

Diabetes burnout is full of shades of gray. You don’t just cross a threshold when all of a sudden you become burnt out. Burnout can happen anytime and in any amount.

Burnout looks the same for everyone

Diabetes burnout looks different for each person. My burnout may look very different from your burnout. Burnout is challenging,  no matter what it looks like for you.

There is a solution to diabetes burnout

I wish there were a magic pill we could take to get rid of burnout. But this solution just doesn’t exist. When we keep looking for the answer to burnout, we just end up feeling more burnt out.

Burnout has to keep you stuck

Diabetes burnout doesn’t have to stop you from doing anything in your life, including managing T1D. It’s easy to get trapped in the belief that you have to be stuck if you are experiencing diabetes burnout. This belief simply is not fact. You can do whatever you want, even if you are feeling burnt out!