Episode #53: How to Manage Expectations

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People with type 1 diabetes tend to be perfectionists. We don’t like it when things do not go as planned. But if you live with T1D, you know that perfection is not always possible.

When you set expectations for yourself around T1D that you can’t meet, you set yourself up for failure. You not only get frustrated with yourself, but you also don’t let yourself see how well you are actually doing. You get stuck thinking that no matter what you do, it won’t be good enough.

In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, I talk about why managing your expectations for what success looks like with T1D is critical for your emotional health. We’ll look at four areas where people with T1D tend to set unrealistic expectations, and you’ll get strategies you can use to help you develop more realistic expectations in your life with T1D.

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